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NeZuMed NeZuMed communication platform for the exchange of experiences and knowledge transfer in the supply industry of the medical technology

Since fifteen years, the growth of the medical device branch in Germany remains high with about eight percent. The German medical device industry - with a world market share of 20 percent - could become the indicator branch of the 21st century due to the brilliant foundations as the strongest growing branch.

These positive prospects - regarding the growth of the German medical technology branch - affect both direct and indirect suppliers. More and more innovative suppliers will be searched worldwide by medical companies because of an increasing global sales volume. The current development in the medical technology branch shows an increasing innovation performance within supplier companies. The observable trend is similar to the development in the automotive industry: the in-house production depth is gradually reduced in OEM-companies and suppliers become more important within the chain by specialism their own, technological innovation areas. For example in automotive industry complete door systems and IT- applications are taken up by the suppliers. In medical technology, corresponding facts can be observed:

The big global players of medical technology increasingly operate as companies placing medical devices on the market, which have been developed in the supplying industry. For example, blood glucose meters or ”Drug-Delivery-Devices” are not developed and produced by the distributing companies, but by the supply industry. To benefit from the existing potentials and to advance the already available technologies respectivley to generate a decisive innovation, a close and long-term cooperation along the complete value added chain is advised - from research to marketable products.

To consequently implement this concept, a considerable more intensive cooperation between the single technology areas as well as between companies and research establishments is necessary. The necessity of a professional network - especially for small and medium sized companies - appears therein that a single company rarely owns the necessary competences to independently realize future innovative applications/products/components, which are demanded by distributing companies. Accordingly, it is the assignment of the network to initialize appropriate cooperations and to directly and personnel assist to bunch the existing know-how of the different companies and research establishments and to coordinate directed. In this way, synergies grow which enable involved small and medium sized companies to take part of the available market potential. Because of financial, functional and personnel resources, the enabling of the market access for small and medium sized companies would not be possible or only with considerably delay. senetics offers as a network platform ideal requirements for a concerted assistance. senetics has established and from declared experts accepted experiences in the initialization, organization and attendance of cooperations. Furthermore, senetics is skilled in necessary technological competences and long lasting experience in network and cluster subjects, due to Mr. Dr. Wolfgang Sening. Above all, it can be looked back on a multiplicity of projects in the area marketing, distribution, R&D, project development and finance.

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