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NeZuMed communication platform for exchange of experience and knowledge transfer in the supplying industry of medical technology

The management platform of the network NeZuMed is the scientific institute senetics, based in Erlangen. senetics healthcare is a development- and advisory service provider for companies and suppliers of the following sectors: medical technology, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. senetics links scientifical knowledge, transposes it with demands of the industry to first ideas and prototypes and elaborates adequate marketing strategies. As a ”product architect” senetics efficiently carries out R&D and production of innovative equipment and components using the competences of the network management and the network partners - especially SMEs.

senetics has extensive experience in PR and marketing. Through scores of editorial articles, advertisements and events, senetics boosts the public image and expands the awareness level. The scientific institute for innovation and consulting supports his clients to establish themselves in the demanding competitive environment using the hudge biological and medical expertise. Furthermore senetics offers trainings and supports its clients in business expansion or new foundation.

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