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About NeZuMed

NeZuMed NeZuMed communication platform for the exchange of experiences and know-how transfer in the supply industry of medical technology

The scientific institute for innovation and consulting - senetics Dr. Wolfgang Sening - has assembled the network for innovative suppliers in medical technology (NeZuMed) - in cooperation with the Innovationsoffensive Ostbayern (IOO) of the IHK for Upper Franconia Bayreuth.

Mr. Dr. Sening with the undersecretary of state Mrs. Hessel from StMiVT and the general manager of the IHK Upper Franconia Bayreuth Mr. Schnelle at the opening event

The dynamic network understands itself as a platform defining and implementing measures, which conduce to the progress of medical technology and the adjacent branches. It also contributes to improve the cooperation between supply industry and OEMs. Through the early inclusion of all partners of industry and of the operator side, the quality and safety of developments should be ensured. In this way, the development of innovative components and products should be advanced. Simultaneously the network will create an efficient information network and support the sensible usage of synergies.

The Competences of the network NeZuMed

From idea to product! The network NeZuMed takes over all necessary steps.

NeZuMed - Network for innovative supplieres in the medical technology


The aim of the network is the composition of an innovative, exploratory- and developmental orientated supplier- and developmental organization in medical technology with close contact to distributing companies of this industry. This organization enables especially small and medium-sized enterprises together with in years built-on professional know how of the network cooperation, to establish itself in the interdisciplinary market of medical technology as a long-term and sustainable development partner.

1. Increase of the technology and know-how transfer between service provider and suppliers as well as between suppliers and manufacturers of medical technology,
2. Initiation of technological innovations and deduction of R&D-projects
3. Rise of national and international competitiveness through joint and improved marketing concepts.

Target audience

Primary audience of the network constitute all participants of the value added chain of the service- and supplier industry of medical technology - from creative directors, engineering offices, small companies up to large medium-sized companies . As secondary audience there are distributing companies, research facilities, clinics and hospitals.


NeZuMed is supported by the Federal Government Department for economy and technology within the scope of the ZIM-Nemo network program and has the function, to constitute and enlarge the excellent competences of the Franconian supplying industry.

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