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The vision of NeZuMed

NeZuMed strengthening of the innovative capacity through know-how bundling

The vision of the participant companies and research establishments is the strengthening of the innovative capacity through know-how bundling as well as through utilization to develop innovative and novel medical-technical components and products. Nearby, the special value lies in the specific integration of companies and research establishments. Only by an intensive collaboration technical innovations can be generated, innovative products can be carried out and the enormous marked potential of medical technology industry can be made accessible. Consequently the growth of the involved companies is sustainably boosted. The network establishes a communication platform for experience and know-how transfer within the supply industry of medical technology, the medical technology itself and the close-by technical-scientific special fields.

The network vision should particularly carried out by:

- Exchange of Information and experiences / know-how transfer,

- Intensification of contacts between research and development facilities, institutes, companies and operators,

- Arrangement of workshops, forums, symposia, expert conferences,

- Advancement of professional advanced training and continuing education, including preliminary to certifications,

- initialization of project groups and

- linking-up with other networks

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